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Skills, also known as abilities, are effects in Mass Effect: Andromeda. There are no restrictions on what skills a player can choose. Enemies have specific strengths and weaknesses, and the strategic use of different skills and abilities will determine the tactical advantage against opponents.

Types of skills

There are three main categories of skills. Each is designed to facilitate a certain style of play.

  • Combat - For players who want to focus on weapons, gear, and efficiency in battle. These skills focus on improving weapon damage and accuracy, as well as enabling the use of flak cannons, grenades, trip mines, and more.
  • Tech - For players who want to equip their Pathfinder with more experimental weaponry, or focus on strategic improvements for their character and the squad. The Cryo Beam and Flamethrower offer more offensive punch, while skills like Invasion and Energy Drain weaken opponents and soften them up for easier take-downs. If additional firepower is needed, players can deploy their very own assault turret.
  • Biotics - For players who want to control dark energy to manipulate the power of mass and gravity. Biotic skills like Pull and Throw allow players to literally control the battlefield, using their enemies as shields or even weapons. Abilities like Annihilation and Singularity, for example, will damage anything or anyone caught up in their powerful grip.

Upgrading skills

Each skill can be upgraded to become increasingly more devastating and effective, with different upgrade paths for even more ways to customize play style.

Skill points

With each level earned, characters acquire skill points to upgrade skills. At level 123, players are maxed out at 756 skill points.

Level range Skill points
1 1
2-3 3
4-10 4
11-25 5
26+ 6

Resetting skills

Skill points can be reset at any time in the med bay on the Tempest. The first reset costs 20 credits and the cost goes up by 500 each subsequent time.

Power cells

Certain powers consume power cells when used. Replenish power cells at a supply cache.

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