Working Title: Pelaav's Decline

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Working Title: Pelaav's Decline
Working Title: Pelaav's Decline
Location Havarl

Working Title: Pelaav's Decline is one of the datapads found on Havarl. It is located in Luj's workroom at the Pelaav Research Station.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:

Established in the shadow of Remnant buildings, Pelaav was a center of trade and learning. Anyone who wished to observe working Remnant monoliths was directed here. Deep within the tunnels of Remnant ruins, we could hear the hum of mysterious machines, their purpose unknown.

Scribbled in the margins:

"Too dramatic? This is a history book, not a thriller."

"Note to self: mention that the entire daar was overtaken by the jungle, with the only thing still standing being a small restored area that's used as a research outpost."

"Also mention the Remnant areas we're still told to avoid."

"Novoa Sabay: Buy tavum for Analen."

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