Winning Ticket

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Winning Ticket
Winning Ticket
Type Special item
Icon Special Item Object Icon.png
Krogan fighting pit winning ticket
Return to a merchant to collect credits

Winning Ticket is a special item.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Ryder may place a bet with either the Blood Threshers Manager or Team Ryncol Manager for the fighting pit in New Tuchanka. If the wraith that Ryder's places the bet on wins, the team color coded fight ticket is replaced with a Winning Ticket.

The Winning Ticket has a base selling price of 30 credits. The ticket cannot be sold to a regular merchant, only to one of the two team managers.

Despite being a Special Item, the winning ticket only shows in the "All Items" view in the Inventory screen, and only when interacting with one of the two team managers.

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