William Spender

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William Spender
William Spender
Species Human
Known affiliations Andromeda Initiative
Location Operations, Nexus

William Spender is a human character and the Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs under Foster Addison. He is located in Operations on the Nexus.

Codex[edit | edit source]

When the Nexus first arrived in Andromeda and an uprising arose among the desperate crew, it was William Spender who convinced clan leader Nakmor Morda to put down the mutineers. By all accounts, it did not go well.

In return for her help, Morda claims that Spender, in his authority as assistant director of Colonial Affairs, promised equal status for the krogan in any decision-making by way of a seat at the council. When the agreement came to light, Initiative Director Jarun Tann refused to honor it and most krogan left the Nexus.

Privately reprimanded but publicly credited for helping to stop the uprising, Spender maintained his position a step away from Nexus senior leadership.

After an investigation revealed that Spender quietly helped the mutineers during the Nexus uprising, and was further using his position to smuggle Nexus supplies to key exile contacts on Kadara, he was dismissed and [exiled/jailed].

Missions[edit | edit source]

William Spender is involved with the following missions:

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