What's Happening

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What's Happening
What's Happening
Location Ark Leusinia

What's Happening is one of the terminal entries found on Ark Leusinia during Cora Harper: At Duty's Edge.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ark Leusinia: All
From: Sarissa Theris

You're out of stasis because you were needed on deck early. Unfortunately, you now need to adapt to a very different scenario than was expected. To avoid rumors spreading, this is the situation:

- We are under attack by a hostile species. Diplomatic overtures were rejected and will not be repeated.
- Regrettably, our Matriarch Ishara died attempting negotiations. I have reluctantly taken on her role as Pathfinder, but cannot replace her.
- We must deviate from our intended course and attempt to lose the enemy before our rendezvous with the Nexus.

With Captain Atandra's approval, I've authorized a general evacuation order as we revive civilians. Meanwhile, commando forces and our survey ship, the Periphona, will perform necessary diversionary actions.

I will not understate the seriousness of our position. I won't underestimate your skills, either. I have faith in you.

S. Theris, Pathfinder

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