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The Video Output menu.

The Video Output menu allows the customization of visual displays and changing of preferences.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Video Output menu can be directly accessed from the Settings submenu in the Game menu.

Depending upon the specific platform being used (PC, Xbox, or PS4), this submenu may not be available.

Display Mode[edit | edit source]

Display Mode

Determine how the game should be displayed: windowed, windowed borderless, or full screen.

Full Screen Display[edit | edit source]

Full Screen Display

Full Screen Resolution[edit | edit source]

Full Screen Resolution

This setting is grayed out unless Display Mode is set to "Fullscreen."

VSYNC[edit | edit source]


High Dynamic Range (Selection)[edit | edit source]

High Dynamic Range (Selection)

High Dynamic Range (Type)[edit | edit source]

High Dynamic Range (Type)

Your monitor or TV may only support specific resolutions with HDR: typically 1920x1080 and 3840x2160.

Triple Buffering[edit | edit source]

Triple Buffering