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Species Angara

Verand is an angaran character. She plays a minor part in the plotline leading up to and during Liam's loyalty mission Liam Kosta: All In.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Verand is only encountered on the vidcon after Liam Kosta: All In. However, Verand is mentioned in several emails from Liam: Broken world? Come on!, Elaaden was rough, and Making contacts.

At the end of Liam Kosta: All In during the objective Debrief on the Tempest, there are two ways the debrief can go: Send Verand on her way with the other rescued captives or instruct August Bradley to "be sure Verand doesn't go too far." Liam will not be pleased if Ryder decides to detain his contact. He makes a strong argument for it having been a bad decision. Despite what he says during the debrief, this decision will not end a romance with Liam.