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Vendors allow players to purchase a wide variety of equipment, including armor, consumables, and weapons. Other items for sale include weapon mods, Nomad mods and paint jobs, items used in crafting (augmentations, materials), and a variety of special items.

All vendors will purchase whatever Ryder is willing to sell, regardless of their default stock.

List of vendors[edit | edit source]

Merchant Name World Location Goods Sold
Annea/Merchant (see Notes) Elaaden The Paradise Augmentations, Materials, Nomad Mods, Nomad Paint Jobs, Special Items
Armor Merchant Nexus Common Area, left of tram station Armor
Oniijev - Armor Merchant Aya Aya Marketplace Armor
Armor Merchant Kadara Kadara Marketplace, upstairs Armor
Arms Dealer Kadara Kadara Marketplace, upstairs Weapons
Arms Merchant Nexus Near Militia holding cells, until Ryder has access to the Tempest and Common Area Weapons
Arms Merchant Nexus Common Area, left of tram station Weapons
Bennett Kahele Voeld Taerve Uni Outpost, upper level of building NE of the Tempest Materials, Mods
Black Market Dealer Kadara Kadara Slums, in a shipping crate Consumables
Boomerang Elaaden Outpost Mods, Weapons
Clancy Arquist Eos Near Research Station at Site 1 Consumables, Weapons
Cody Holdren Havarl Shuttle Landing Pad, Pelaav Research Station Armor, Consumables
General Merchant Nexus Common Area, right of tram station Augmentations, Consumables, Materials, Mods, Special Items
Jackson Cross Voeld Taerve Uni Outpost, upper level of building NE of the Tempest Armor, Consumables
Jezra's Acquisitions Meridian Atrium, near the corridor to SAM Node and Ryder's room Armor
Merivaas - Materials Merchant Aya Aya Marketplace Augmentations, Materials
Merchant Elaaden New Tuchanka Consumables, Weapons
Merchant Eos Prodromos, SE of the Tempest Armor, Consumables, Weapons
Merchant Voeld Techiix Materials, Weapons
Merchant Voeld Hjara Station Armor, Consumables
Mods Merchant Kadara Kadara Marketplace Mods, Special Items
Quartermaster Istaal Aya Resistance Headquarters Training Area Mods, Weapons
Sohkaa Esof Aya Aya Docks, only at the conclusion of Trading Favors Consumables, Materials
Supply by Cal Meridian The room outside the Atrium Weapons
Tempest Buy/Sell Kiosk Tempest Research Room Consumables, Materials, Weapons, Special Items
Thrasia Kadara Wind farm, along the road through Varren's Scalp Materials, Nomad Mods, Nomad Paint Jobs
Vehicle Merchant Nexus Common Area, right of tram station Nomad Mods, Nomad Paint Jobs
Yveth - General Goods Merchant Aya Aya Marketplace Consumables, Materials, Special Items

Notes[edit | edit source]

Annea charges 25% more than other merchants, but pays double. The Initiative merchant has standard rates for buying and selling.

After the completion of A Packaged Deal, Thrasia charges 10% less and pays 15% more.

The fighting pit in New Tuchanka on Elaaden is the best place to dispose of unwanted items, especially salvage. Team Ryncol Manager and Blood Thresher Manager both pay full price for all weapons, weapon mods, armor, consumables, materials, and augmentations, and five times the going rate for salvage items.

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