Unknown Species

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Unknown Species is a temporary codex entry. This codex entry changes with progress during gameplay. Eventually, this codex entry disappears when the category Kett appears in the Codex.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Habitat 7 - SAM Offline[edit | edit source]

[Error 7737: SAM Node connection interrupted. Please reconnect for detailed analysis.]

Habitat 7 - SAM Online[edit | edit source]

Sighted on Habitat 7, this unknown species has proved to be extremely dangerous. Their armor and equipment suggests a technologically advanced species capable of spaceflight, while their battle tactics indicate attritional warfare with a centralized command.

In the event of hostile encounters, first contact protocols counsel withdrawal and remote long-term study, but the circumstances of our arrival in the Heleus Cluster makes this unlikely. Without access to the species' language or an understanding of their motives aside from attacking on sight, I cannot advise on procedure aside from avoidance if possible and self-defense if necessary.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This codex entry will disappear after the first conversation with Tiran Kandros in Operations on the Nexus during Task: Getting to Know the Nexus.