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Unknown Phenomenon

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Codex Card Unknown Phenomenon.png

Unknown Phenomenon is a temporary codex entry. Eventually, this codex entry disappears when the codex entry The Scourge appears in the Codex.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving in the Heleus Cluster, Ark Hyperion encountered a massive and extremely dangerous interstellar phenomenon that severely damaged the ark. Extending beyond this solar system, the phenomenon did not appear on any of out long-range surveys of Andromeda and now lies directly in Ark Hyperion's course.

It is too early to have a clear understanding of this phenomenon, which appears to be an energetic cloud of dense debris with bizarre properties. Initial sensor readings are inconclusive, since the phenomenon itself cause severe interference.

Asked to speculate, I suggested on preliminary evidence that it may be a dark energy phenomenon, despite inconsistencies with our current understanding of dark or dark fluid theory. A more disquieting possibility is that this energy cloud exhibits properties so unknown to current physics that our sensors are unable to report accurately.

Investigations are continuing.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This codex entry will disappear after the first conversation with Jarun Tann in Tann's Office on the Nexus during Task: Getting to Know the Nexus.