Triangulation Achieved (Kadara)

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Triangulation Achieved
Triangulation Achieved
Location Kadara

Triangulation Achieved is one of the forward station terminal entries located on Kadara.

Text[edit | edit source]

—Forward Station Network expanded—
Angaran Resistance network located.
Requesting access… Access granted. Geography and demography updated.

Political Geography (Updated)

Major population centers: Kadara Port
Known contingents: Outcasts, Collective
Establishments within range : Charybdis Point, Tartarus, Daar Logyr

Notes from Vetra's Contact.

"Biggest danger on Kadara isn't mother nature—it's the people. After the uprising, a lot of folks went psycho. Sloane keeps the cream of the crop (using the term lightly) up at port, but banishes the rest. The badlands are basically a prison, with mountains for walls and no cells."

—More data needed—
Additional forward station coordination required.


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