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Training Selection

Training is a character customization feature in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Creating a character will always begin with the selection of a Training.

  • Choosing a Training will determine the initial abilities of the protagonist and which skills will be available early in the game.
  • Choosing a default Scott or Sara Ryder will have Security as their default training.
  • Creating a custom character will allow access to all six Trainings.
  • If the desire is to create a default Ryder but not a default Training, create a custom character and simply leave the appearance and name as default.

Corresponding Profile[edit | edit source]

Each Training has a corresponding Profile. When you select a specific training, you unlock the corresponding profile at Rank 1.

Training Corresponding Profile
Security Soldier
Technician Engineer
Biotic Adept
Leader Sentinel
Scrapper Vanguard
Operative Infiltrator

Selecting your training gives the side benefit of getting to choose your starting profile versus taking the default Security training which awards the Soldier profile.

The corresponding profile will be unlocked and available at Rank 1 for the entire game.

None of the training choices correspond with the Explorer profile. You can only unlock the Explorer profile by spending the required skill points.

Your corresponding profile will always be available at Rank 1 even if you reset your skill points at the Skill Respec Station in the Med Bay on the Tempest.

Security[edit | edit source]

Security Training.png

During your Alliance military service, you focused on learning everything you could about weapons and tactics.

Biotic[edit | edit source]

Biotic Training.png

You were effectively 'designated biotic' during your Alliance military tenure, assisting your cohorts with your ability to control mass effect fields.

Technician[edit | edit source]

Technician Training.png

As a technician in the Systems Alliance military, you learned to operate drones and hack enemy systems.

Leader[edit | edit source]

Leader Training.png

You were a team player and a natural leader in the Alliance military, working closely with your cohorts for their safety and the safety of others.

Scrapper[edit | edit source]

Scrapper Training.png

When a fight broke out, you were always the first soldier in the thick of it - mostly according to Alliance military protocol and occasionally not.

Operative[edit | edit source]

Operative Training.png

In the Alliance Military, you studied covert operations and the tech used by special forces - knowledge you rarely found a use for until the Andromeda Initiative.