Today's Flight Schedule

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Today's Flight Schedule
Today's Flight Schedule
Location Eos

Today's Flight Schedule is one of the terminal entries located in Prodromos on Eos. The content depends on whether Ryder chooses to prioritize science or military when establishing the outpost.

Science[edit | edit source]

Today's Flight Schedule (science).png

0600-0800: Weather monitoring sweep

1200-1300: Geological survey flight - SIGN UP EARLY OR YOU'LL LOSE YOUR EQUIPMENT SLOTS!

1500-1700: Retrieving Team Sigma plus plant specimens

2000-2200: High-altitude atmospheric obs with timeslot for astronomical survey

Military[edit | edit source]

Today's Flight Schedule (military).png

0300-0400: Night flying training session #4

0700-0800: Morning patrol (NE)

1200-1230: Shuttle cleaning and refit

1400-1500: Dropship assault drills—jump jet inspection beforehand

1500-1600: Afternoon patrol (SSW)

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