Three Sabers Memo

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Three Sabers Memo
Three Sabers Memo
Location Kadara

Three Sabers Memo is one of the datapads found in the Spirits' Ledge region on Kadara. It is related to Life on the Frontier. There are two copies, one on each floor of the hideout.

Text[edit | edit source]

I don't want to hear about it. You all knew ousting Yale would make the break with the Nexus final. No loss; that teat was running dry. Going independent isn't just the smart move, it's the only move. Now we've got the gear and the freedom to take over this place. Angara? Not a problem.

Hear Yale's on Eos. Forget him. He won't talk. Anything he brings up will expose his involvement, and the Nexus' involvement. He's not going to put himself in that position.


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