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Location Kadara

Thoughts is one of the datapads found in the Kurinth's Valley region on Kadara. It is located in the herbal entrepreneurs' house.

Text[edit | edit source]

Dear's happening... the plant's kicking in... get ready to have your mind blown...

What if my arm got hungry? What if it wanted a snack and ate my foot? Would they switch places? There's also the problem of purple. What's its deal? It can't decide if it's blue? Just make up its mind already!

And another thing. Space/time isn't at all what we think. We're each individual pieces of energy, drawn from a much larger pool, given physical form in an artificial time-stream. Time doesn't actually exist in the classic Newtonian sense. Everything happens at once, but our minds couldn't handle that, so we process it one moment after the next. But I see it all now. It's all happening. The alpha and the omega united.

And shit, I think my toe just ate my hand.

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