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The last person you want to hear from

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The last person you want to hear from
The last person you want to hear from
Location Tempest

The last person you want to hear from is one of the terminal entries from Dr. Medrow Aden located on the Tempest. It is one of two possible follow-up emails after Truth and Trespass.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ryder
From: Dr. Medrow Aden

I should be brief. No doubt the good Major Saelen Varn is watching any comm channels I might use.

The others and I understand the huge responsibility we face for what we've done. In addition to the details I've sent to your SAM, we intend to quietly filter intelligence to the militia and feed falsified data back to the kett—as much as we dare. Small degrees of change, but even that could make a great difference down the line.

Lastly, thank you... for calling me despicable. I need to remember that. As I must remember the screams aboard the Archon's flagship.

Dr. Medrow Aden

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