The end is coming

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The end is coming
The end is coming
Location Voeld

The end is coming is one of the Datapads located on Voeld. It is related to End of Watch.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:

We chased the butchers to this place, and knew they'd be waiting for us. The kett ambush was no surprise—but our fury was more than they were ready to face. We killed over half their remaining forces before the kett leader and bodyguards escaped. The enemy won't get far. We'll make sure of it. We owe them for the families of Daar Helast, for my friend Maaja, and the loyal soldiers that fell here.

Maybe no one will find this message. But if our cell doesn't survive the final reckoning, someone needs to understand what happened and why. Remember the Resistance heroes that gave their lives to win this fight: Laar Tavro, Noag av Ovess, and Stigan Jaader.

We'll carry their names on our lips and make sure it's the last thing our enemy hears.

—Graj de Voorisc

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