The Ties That Bind

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Codex Card The Ties That Bind.png

The Ties That Bind is a variable codex entry composed of five elements. The content depends on Ryder's choice of dialogue and progress through Ryder Family Secrets.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Mourning Alec[edit | edit source]

Though you mourn the loss of your father Alec, you were never as close as you could have been.
You still mourn the loss of your father Alec, a man you loved and respected. You hope you'd have made him proud as Pathfinder.

Visiting your twin[edit | edit source]

You visited your [brother Scott/sister Sara] while [he/she] was still in a coma.

Alec's death[edit | edit source]

You were honest with your [brother/sister] and told [him/her] Dad was killed on Habitat 7.
You lied to your [brother/sister] and told [him/her] your dad was still alive.

The Golden Worlds[edit | edit source]

You were honest with [Scott/Sara] about the struggles you've faced in finding home.
You lied to [Scott/Sara] and told [him/her] home had been found.

Ryder Family Secrets[edit | edit source]

You started the search for answers to the mystery about why your father made you Pathfinder.

By unlocking your father's memories within SAM, you discovered that your mother Ellen is still alive and in stasis aboard the Hyperion. You also discovered the truth about the Reaper threat to the Milky Way.