The Krogan Exiles

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Codex Card The Krogan Exiles.png

During Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core, Ryder must choose between giving the drive core to Nakmor Morda or keeping it for the Initiative. This choice determines whether an outpost can be established on Elaaden.

Give the Core to Morda[edit | edit source]

By giving the Remnant drive core to Morda and the krogan colony, you convinced them to rejoin the Initiative. We have an outpost on Elaaden, thanks to your bold choice.

Keep the Core for the Initiative[edit | edit source]

You chose to keep the Remnant drive core for the betterment of the Nexus. In retaliation, Overlord Morda declared New Tuchanka a sovereign colony. Peace with the krogan remains elusive.