Thank You, Pathfinder

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Thank You, Pathfinder
Thank You, Pathfinder
Location Tempest

Thank You, Pathfinder is one of the terminal entries located on the Tempest. It is a follow-up email to A Lost Sister. If Ryder declines to tell Sage Amurd what to do, he will stay on Mithrava and Ryder will receive an email from Pallah. If Ryder advises Amurd not to let fear rule him, Amurd will send an email.

Email from Pallah[edit | edit source]

Thank You, Pathfinder (Pallah).png

To: Ryder
From: Pallah


Thank you so much for helping Amurd discover what happened to his sister, Amara. Somehow, finding out where she went has eased his mind somewhat. I am trying to make his last months comfortable by keeping him happy with the decisions he's made.

I would never have expected such generosity and understanding from a stranger. It makes me wonder if we made a mistake by isolating ourselves. Such a narrow experience we have...

You've given us all much to think about.


Email from Amurd[edit | edit source]

Thank You, Pathfinder (Amurd).png

To: Ryder
From: Amurd

It is I, Amurd.

I write to you now from Amara's home, on the other side of Havarl. I am surrounded by her children and grandchildren, whom I have never met, but who welcomed me as though they'd known me all their lives.

I left my home, only to find another one. Though I wish I had done this years ago, I am grateful for the time I have left. This would not have happened without your help.

It is beautiful here.


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