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Tech materials are a type of resource. They are found among the various sapient species of Andromeda.

List of tech materials[edit | edit source]

In the table below, the total required amount for each tech material listed is the amount of that resource to develop one copy of every Tier for all of the items listed. This gives a general guideline of how much a tech material is used and how much you may need. If you develop additional copies then of course the requirement will be higher than the listed amount. Refer to each individual resource page for details on the specific items that can be developed.

Icon Resource Rarity Developed Items Total Required
Angaran Meditation Crystal Icon.png Angaran Meditation Crystal Common 9 3719
Kett Alloy Icon.png Kett Alloy Common 16 6690
Omni-Gel Canister Icon.png Omni-Gel Canister Common 70 21500
Remnant Polymer Icon.png Remnant Polymer Common 12 4870

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Tech materials can be purchased from the following merchants:

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