Task: Cultivation

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Task: Cultivation
Task: Cultivation
Type Additional tasks
Starting Location Hydroponics, Nexus
Mission Location Multiple
Start Dr. Eliot Camden
End Dr. Eliot Camden

Task: Cultivation is an additional tasks mission. It is acquired by speaking with Dr. Eliot Camden in Hydroponics on the Nexus.

Description[edit | edit source]

Nexus Hydroponics requires specimens of Andromeda plant life. Search for appropriate specimens to harvest.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Collect plant samples (0/10)
  • Return to Dr. Camden at Nexus Hydroponics

Plants[edit | edit source]

Tentative Classification Location Data Analysis Image
Amanita jatanum Elaaden Other submitted names: redbulb mushroom, ember shroom
Nutritional content: Medium
Though not poisonous, this mildly psychoactive mushroom has valuable medicinal properties. Extracted agents could be used to enhance medi-gel's pain-reducing capabilities. Amanita jatanum.png
Cardacha cthonis Voeld Other submitted names: thulus stem, octopus plant
Nutritional content: High
Despite its appearance, this plant has extremely nutritious seeds tucked into the stem coil. The stem is also water-rich and could be easily peeled. Cardacha cthonis.png
Diplazium dizona Kadara Other submitted names: sword fern, stickgrass
Nutritional content: Acceptable
Gathered and properly cooked, these plants would be a tasty source of vitamins and minerals. Diplazium dizona.png
Lactarius assefa Havarl Other submitted names: thatchcap mushroom, soldier's joy
Nutritional content: Extremely high
These mushrooms are rich in protein and could quickly bulk out rations, but unless prepared carefully they would have a sour aftertaste. Lactarius assefa.png
Lagenaria lunarium Elaaden Other submitted names: moon gourd, whitepulp melon
Nutritional content: High
A succulent segmented gourd with a high water content. The flesh surrounding the seeds could be eaten raw, or sliced and dried for storage. Lagenaria lunarium.png
Neolecta riftia Eos Other submitted names: tubeworm fungus, trumpet plants
Nutritional content: High
These fungi should have a pleasant taste from absorbing mineral salts. Neolecta riftia.png
Nereocystis hamonia Kadara Other submitted names: pearl kelp, thin-stem
Nutritional content: Acceptable
This plant resembles kelp growths, and may have kelp ancestors. While not especially nutritious, it is vitamin-rich and has a pleasantly cleansing taste. Nereocystis hamonia.png
Rheum taelkarum Kadara Other submitted names: broad-leafed taelk, reservoir plant
Nutritional content: Extremely high
Both water-rich and full of nutrients, this attractive plant appeared to defend against predators with a peppery taste. This can be countered with an enzyme supplement. Rheum taelkarum.png
Ruberia majora Kadara Other submitted names: longcoral, crimson longfrond
Nutritional content: Medium
This plant has a high protein content, though its tough fibers and thick roots would require a long cooking time. Ruberia majora.png
Sargania fructanis Havarl Other submitted names: red-veined saragras, candy plant
Nutritional content: Medium
The stems of this plant produce a red syrup with a surprisingly high sugar content. However, it will stain both armor and teeth if spilled. Sargania fructanis.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

This mission cannot be completed while the protestors are occupying Hydroponics during Sleeping Dragons.

The building next to the plant sample Lagenaria lunarium is related to the mission The Rebel. It is advised to start The Rebel mission before visiting this location to acquire that mission first.

Plants when scanned do not award Research Data (RD).

Rewards[edit | edit source]