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AR Stats Source?[edit source]

Where did the data for the assault rifle stats come from? I've noticed in my own games that the "base" stats on any given blueprint depend on Ryder's skill point distribution.

Are there other factors that affect the weapon stats? For example, does character level have an effect independent of skill point distribution? Does initial training or current profile make a difference?

If I'm not mistaken, by the time Ryder has access to the R&D Center and can look at any blueprints, the unaltered stats for weapons are long gone, unless skill points are the only factor affecting the stats and the player opts not to assign skill points to anything. (In which case, using the respec station and unassigning all points would make it possible to find the basic stats for the weapons.)

Blazedspawn (talk) 22:38, 17 June 2017 (UTC)