Synergy Achieved (Eos)

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Synergy Achieved
Synergy Achieved
Location Eos

Synergy Achieved is one of the forward station terminal entries located on Eos.

Text[edit | edit source]

—Eos Sensor Coverage Complete—
Geological and atmospheric profile sync
Expanding data collation to live reports

Reporting: Spec. Karin Miura
Live-link begins:
-Hoooo-leee shit. Do you see that? The tomography of the core… and the extant saturation of the radiological fallout… is that a manufactured ripple in the magnetosphere?

-Oh, I don't know either. But with all this new data, we're about to have a whole new branch of science, not just some new goddamn words. Take that, Professor Karr, and your "I discovered a new brown rock" or whatever. We're in Andromeda and the Pathfinder just hiked up a planet's kilt!

-It is too a phrase.

-Well, what's the salarian equivalent?

-That is physically improbable.

-What do you mean "not since that party"?

-You give me that recording! So help me, I will gut the Live-link feature for all further—
Live-link ends

Synchronicity achieved
Eos sensor coverage complete
Viability index updated


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