Stress tests

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Stress tests
Stress tests
Location Tempest

Stress tests is one of the terminal entries from Kallo Jath located on the Tempest. It is received after rescuing the Moshae during A Trail of Hope.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ryder
From: Kallo

Hello Ryder,

Quite the rescue! The Tempest isn't intended for these kinds of operations, but she's performing splendidly. Not that I encourage you risking your life for stress tests or anything. Still, well done.

I spoke to the Moshae when I happened past medbay. She left an impression, I must say. Patient, but remarkably driven. It's easy to see how she withstood the pressures of torture, and that... place. Sometimes I wonder what my people could do with a bit more time to be patient.


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