Strange Beacon

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Strange Beacon
Strange Beacon
Type Non-journal
Starting Location Voeld
Mission Location Voeld
Start alert from SAM

Strange Beacon is a non-journal mission that does not appear in the Journal. It is acquired when SAM announces the presence of a beacon on approach to a Remnant site Remnant Ruins Map Icon.png located east of the Southwestern Monolith on Voeld.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Investigate the beacon
  • Sweep the minefield to escape

Notes[edit | edit source]

Make a manual save before interacting with the device. If Ryder dies and resumes or loads one of the autosaves, Ryder will no longer hear the beeps from the Area-Denial Mines. Loading this manual save will solve the problem.

DO NOT FAST TRAVEL AWAY!!! If Ryder fast travels away from the minefield, the mission will not complete. If Ryder returns to the minefield after fast traveling away, the mission will break and Ryder cannot trigger the mission complete event even if Ryder can escape the minefield.

The goal is to escape the minefield rather than clear all the mines. Walk ahead, scan to find a mine, shoot the mine, then move the ND1 Nomad, repeating as necessary. If the Nomad's shields are good enough, it can survive the detonation of a mine, so it's not a problem if Ryder has already parked on top of one.

While these area-denial mines have the same scan data and will inflict the same damage as mines deployed elsewhere, they have a very different appearance, looking more like the bombs seen in Bridge Sabotage. They also bear a strange resemblance to kett audio log devices.

Rewards[edit | edit source]