Still a home, even if not ours

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Still a home, even if not ours
Still a home, even if not ours
Location Tempest

Still a home, even if not ours is one of the terminal entries from Liam Kosta located on the Tempest.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Ryder
From: Liam

Proud of Havarl. I mean, sure, living there would've been fun; that planet is one pterodactyl away from a jurrassic funfair. But what we did for the angara will go a long way to making us good neighbors. We need that, especially with the Scourge restricting the neighborhood. Security is training up on what the locals know about local fauna. Outpost or not, Havarl helps.


(Liam has included a list of media themed to Community. Genres include century-old situation comedies and documentaries about research partnerships. Also a musical about a man-eating plant.)

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