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Heleus Cluster.png

There are thirty-eight star systems available for exploration in the Heleus cluster. Each star system has planets and other points of interest.

When the galaxy map first becomes available, after the Tempest departs the Nexus, only three systems appear with labels: Zheng He, where the Nexus is located, Eriksson (Habitat 7), and Pytheas, home of Eos. A fourth system is tagged with a new item icon. Hovering over the system displays the system name: Pfeiffer.

After A Trail of Hope has been acquired, the Onaon system is added to the galaxy map. After departing Aya, the five planets in Onaon can be scanned, bringing the total to 24.

Six system are added to the galaxy map at this point. Faroang and Nol are labeled; they are the destinations for continuing the story. The other four systems are Jirayder, near Faroang, and Joba, Nalesh, and Sabeng, near Nol. Exploring Faroang and Jirayder on the way to Havarl and Helping Havarl's Scientists adds eight planets to the count, while exploring Nol and its neighbors on the way to Voeld and Meet the Resistance adds fifteen.

At the conclusion of A Trail of Hope, the Govorkam system is added to the map, with an additional five planets. (This brings the total to fifty-two, more than enough for Dr. Aridana's celestial map.)

After returning to the Tempest after the first landing on Kadara, another seven systems are added to the map. Remav and Zaubray are labeled. The others are Hefena and Vaalon, not far from Remav; Tecunis and Anasa, near Zaubray; and Solminae, near Govorkam.

The Tafeno system is added during Hunting the Archon after Gil repairs the transponder. Upon returning to the Tempest from the Verakan, Dar'hegah, Faross, Kindrax, Shojaon, Skeldah, and Togessan are added to the map. Once Ryder has called the team together during The Journey to Meridian, the Civki is added to the map. After returning to the Tempest from Khi Tasira, Bosavay, Layan, Meos, Ratul, Rohvir, Vaar, and Vaotessa are added, leaving only one system absent: Saajor, the home of Meridian.

Three new systems are added for loyalty missions. The Valay system is added after Cora recovers data from the transponder in Cora Harper: Asari Ark, the Sephesa system is added for Liam Kosta: All In, and the Inalaara system is added for Peebee: A Mysterious Remnant Signal.

List of star systems[edit | edit source]

System Point of interest
Civki Khi Tasira
Eriksson Habitat 7
Faroang Havarl
Govorkam Kadara
Inalaara Pas-10
Nol Voeld
Onaon Aya
Pytheas Eos
Remav H-047c
Saajor Meridian
Sephesa Liam's Scavenger Debris Field
Valay Ark Leusinia
Zaubray‎ Elaaden
Zheng He Nexus
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