Something Suspicious

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Something Suspicious
Something Suspicious
Location Tempest

Something Suspicious is the name of a pair of terminal entries from Sidera Nyx located on the Tempest. They are related to Life on the Frontier. The email arrives at the same time as the email related to Vetra's loyalty mission. If it goes unacknowledged until after the completion of Vetra Nyx: Means and Ends, the text changes.

Text Before Vetra's Loyalty Mission[edit | edit source]

Something Suspicious - Sidera Nyx.png

To: Ryder
From: Sidera Nyx

Dear Pathfinder:

[This is Sidera, Vetra's sister. But everyone calls me "Sid"]

I know this isn't following protocol, because who am I to contact a Pathfinder through their personal console, right? But I know Vetra will tell me I'm overreacting and I swear I wouldn't do this unless I thought it was something serious. There's just stuff going on here that doesn't really add up and people are getting hurt.

It's hard to explain. Can we talk in person? I'm in Operations.


Text After Vetra's Loyalty Mission[edit | edit source]

Something Suspicious - Sid.png

To: Ryder
From: Sid

Dear Ryder,

Hope you're doing good out there. Vetra tells me thing, but not the things I know she thinks will upset me. Even now, after everything with Meriweather. Old habits, I guess.


There's something going on with the Nexus. I just found some stuff that doesn't quite add up. Or maybe adds up to numbers we don't like. It's hard to explain.

If you've got time, we could talk about it, in person? I'll be in Operations.


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