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Disambig.png This article is about resetting skill points in singleplayer. For the multiplayer version, see Character Respec.
Skill Respec Station menu

The Skill Respec Station (or Re-Spec Station) allows you to spend credits in order to reallocate skill points. The Skill Respec Station is located in the Med Bay on the Tempest.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The first respec costs 20 credits whether you reset Pathfinder Ryder or a squadmate.

The second respec cost is based on which character was last reset. The cost will increase by 500 credits if it was Ryder or 1000 credits if it was a squadmate.

  • If Ryder was reset for 20 credits, the second respec will cost 520 credits.
  • If a squadmate was reset for 20 credits, the second respec will cost 1020 credits.

Subsequent uses increase the cost by taking into account the prior cost and the prior character reset. The additional cost will be 500 credits for Ryder or 1000 credits for a squadmate reset the prior time.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Squadmate Re-Spec Station menu

Select the squadmate to reset skills.

A credit amount will be displayed showing the current cumulative total for respec and the option to continue or cancel.

Confirming the respec request will bring up the Skills screen, where skill points can be assigned as usual.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Re-Spec Station

Resetting skill points also resets all profiles except the corresponding profile chosen during Character customization, which returns to Rank 1. Further ranks and all of the other previously attained profiles will need to be unlocked again by spending skill points.

The interaction prompt on the equipment reads Re-Spec Station and gives access to the user interface for the Skill Respec Station.

Any weapons in the third and fourth loadout slots will be unequipped at reset. If Extra Holsters are purchased in Combat Fitness, Ryder will need to re-equip those weapons.

Favorites will be cleared out automatically by using the Skill Respec Station to reset Pathfinder Ryder's skills on the Tempest.

Gallery[edit | edit source]