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Disambig.png This article is about the weapon type. For the combat skill, see Shotguns.

Shotguns are a close range weapon. They are a great choice for large targets, grouping, or for extra kick. They hit hard with a wide shot pattern.

List of shotguns[edit | edit source]

The following lists the rank 1 stats (see Notes below) of each shotgun for ease of comparison:

Name Technology Type Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Size Max Ammo Accuracy Weight
Dhan Heleus Shotgun 614 95 3 21 42 30
Disciple Milky Way Shotgun 432 85 6 42 34 35
Hesh Heleus Shotgun 260 220 10 60 16 40
M-23 Katana Milky Way Shotgun 322 85 5 40 22 40
N7 Crusader Milky Way Shotgun 360 80 4 28 44 35
N7 Piranha Milky Way Assault Shotgun 328 165 8 48 22 50
Pathfinder Deep Impact Milky Way Shotgun 255 85 6 24 35 30
Reegar Carbine Milky Way Beam Rifle 52 525 36 216 50 30
Ruzad Milky Way Shotgun 355 70 3 27 28 45
Scattershot Remnant Shotgun 135 150 8 1 60 35
Venom Milky Way Grenade Launcher 233 80 5 25 25 45

Notes[edit | edit source]

Weapons stats can be affected by a number of factors. Obvious factors include:

Changes to a specific weapon, either through crafting with augmentations or through weapon mods, are reflected in the inventory entry for that specific item. They don’t appear on the blueprints.

Other explicit but perhaps less obvious factors include:

These effects are reflected in the blueprint stats without explicit notation.

The stats shown on this page are baseline: Initiative I armor, no skill points assigned, no profile active.

While the max ammo for the Remnant Scattershot is given as 1, the weapon does not require reloading; the real firing limitation comes from overheating.

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