Settling Kadara

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Settling Kadara
Settling Kadara
Type Heleus assignments
Starting Location Kadara
Mission Location Kadara

Settling Kadara is a heleus assignments mission with objectives leading to the establishment of an Initiative Outpost on Kadara. Completion of this mission requires finishing a number of other missions.

Description[edit | edit source]

Before an outpost can be established on Kadara, you must solve Kadara's water toxicity problems and quell the escalating rivalry between the Outcasts and Collective.

With the political and environment situations on Kadara stabilized, it is now safe to call down an Initiative outpost on the planet.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives Table[edit | edit source]

Numerous objectives have to be achieved before the outpost can be established. Some of them include other objectives which are not mentioned. In principle, the objectives can be completed in any order. The table below helps with determining what needs to be done to complete the objectives.

Objective Related Mission Requirements
Find an outpost site Go to the location near Charybdis Point.
Reach 40% viability on Kadara
Stabilize Kadara's environment by resetting the vault Healing Kadara's Heart Complete mission.
Work with Reyes A People Divided, Precious Cargo Complete missions.
Look for signs of violence between rival factions in Kadara Port Murder in Kadara Port Complete mission.
Ask Outcast leadership about trouble on Kadara Talk to Kaetus in Sloane's room in Outcast Headquarters.
Help Kaetus with the kett on Kadara Behind Enemy Lines Complete mission.
Investigate drug use in Kadara Slums Modern Medicine Complete mission.
Help Dr. Nakamoto retrieve the formula Modern Medicine Ryder must have chosen to give the formula to Dr. Nakamoto.1
Return to Tempest A People Divided, Behind Enemy Lines, Precious Cargo Complete missions.
Check your email and respond to Reyes Respond to Reyes.
Attend Sloane's party with Reyes.2 Night on the Town2 Complete mission.2
ON HOLD: Wait for trouble to come calling Leave Kadara Port via the Kadara Slums and Sloane/Reyes will contact Ryder.
Meet Sloane or Reyes High Noon Complete mission.
Create an outpost All prior objectives completed.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

1 It isn't necessary to return the formula to Dr. Nakamoto to establish the outpost, but he will not leave the Kadara Slums if Ryder chooses to let Arenna Farenth keep it.
2 The objective Attend Sloane's party with Reyes. and the mission Night on the Town only appear if Ryder accepts Reyes' invitation. Otherwise the mission moves to the next objective.