Scratch Pad - Login: Chief Engineer Cain Fawkes

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Scratch Pad - Login: Chief Engineer Cain Fawkes
Scratch Pad - Login: Chief Engineer Cain Fawkes
Location Eos

Scratch Pad - Login: Chief Engineer Cain Fawkes is one of the terminal entries located on the Chief Engineer's terminal in Prodromos on Eos. It is updated as the game progresses.

Text[edit | edit source]

This file is filled with sketches, annotations, and exploded schematic views. Many are focused on a combined road-monorail network for Eos, showing several different but brilliant designs.

Always good to go back to the old standby when I need to think:

Underneath are several doodles showing elegant redesigns of the Nexus tram system map.

Pasted to one side are a number of downloaded statistics on predicted population growth over the next century.

Got a baseline! Bradley's always good for the numbers.

Adjoining the statistics is a blocked-out simplistic drawing of Prodromos, dotted lines showing expansion, with detailed sketches of water and sewage lines underground, wireless power routers, and the flow of foot traffic.

Sloppy, but it's a start.

On the other side is a sketch of a Pathfinder helmet with downloaded notes on material testing and safety regulations.

Design fundamentals look sound. No need to worry.

There is a schematic of Fawkes' seismic survey hammers with a newer sketch showing multiple improvements. Also, there is a quick drawing of a Remnant Architect next to it.

How to make sure it doesn't summon monsters?

The next drawing shows the improved survey hammer design again, now with a cartoon fishing pole taped to the top and a chicken leg dangling from the hook.

No worse than the other suggestions I've heard.

A new drawing shows and old-style trebuchet with notes for alternative materials. A sketch beside it shows an adapted version used to launch crop harvesting drones, with an annotation about launch fuel savings. A cartoon Roekaar is standing beside it, looking puzzled.

Better living through better engineering. Not killing.

The file has now been expanded with old archive photos of a Milky Way human colony, including civil works plans.

No wonder Viridis failed. Basic flaws at the proposal level. A few bad numbers translated into all those days learning how to live thirsty.

Another copy of the old plans has been extensively and brilliantly revised with notes. Some revisions have been incorporated into a new blueprint of the Prodromos waterworks.

We learn, it's worthwhile.

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