Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 025

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Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 025
Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 025
Location H-047c

Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 025 is one of the datapads found in H-047c. It is located in the Crater: Vespasien dome.

Text[edit | edit source]

Login: Caitlin Perrot

I've never been so wrong in my life. To think I almost killed Baxter. Dear god, I could have got the whole team killed.

All those kett soldiers and ships we keep running into? They were following the signal we used to track the lockers from the salarian ark. Our equipment and tags were like a goddamn lighthouse for them. Baxter took Marcus' shotgun and blew a hole in the transceiver just as a huge kett ship appeared right over our position. I shot Baxter in the leg before I realized he'd just saved all our lives.

Once we got to shelter Marcus splinted the leg, and I offered Baxter one hell of an apology—plus a contract. I think he said "thank you." I'm stitching the Vagabonds patch onto his gear myself. Least I can do.

We'll stick to using Baxter's equipment from now on. It'll be harder for the Initiative to track us, but harder for the kett too. We'll be okay. We just need to stick together.


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