Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 023

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Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 023
Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 023
Location Kadara

Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 023 is one of the datapads found on Kadara. This datapad can be found in the acid pools north of Kadara Port near the Rheum taelkarum plant for the mission Task: Cultivation.

Text[edit | edit source]

Login: Caitlin Perrot

Why did we ever pick up that helmeted weirdo? Baxter hasn't shut up all night. Even Marcus can't calm him down. He just keeps muttering and picking through the trash on his sled. Between Baxter being nutty and Pael still being depressed, it feels like the whole team's falling apart. Even finding a new stasis locker didn't cheer anyone up.

And why the hell did Marcus make me juggle our ration packs for half an hour? Since when am I a circus act?

Oh god, Baxter's started banging a ladle around like he's calling us for dinner. Screw it, I'm getting the pistol out of the rover. If that freak tries anything, it'll be the last mistake he ever makes.


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