Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 014

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Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 014
Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 014
Location Elaaden

Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 014 is one of the datapads found on Elaaden. This datapad is found in a cave in the Languish region with the Amanita jatanum plant for Task: Cultivation plant and a memory trigger for Ryder Family Secrets.

Text[edit | edit source]

Login: Pael Athos

Another one! How are these stasis lockers getting off the ark? Oh, who cares! My people are here. They're alive! That means my clan too. We'll all be back together soon.

I suppose it's not technically salvage, since we bought this locker from a freelancer we found wandering out here, pulling a sled full of finds. A strange fellow. Human, but always wears a breather mask or helmet, even in atmosphere. He says his name is Baxter. I think. It's hard to tell when he mutters.

Marcus says we could use more help. Caitlin doesn't want to keep Baxter around, but Marcus says he can "butter her up." Dairy products, now? Mammalian courtship is so odd.


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