Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 009

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Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 009
Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 009
Location Voeld

Salvage Team 13: "The Vagabonds" - Log 009 is one of the datapads found on Voeld. This datapad is found in a kett facility northeast of Hjara Station during Truth and Trespass.

Text[edit | edit source]

Login: Caitlin Perrot

Paydirt. Marcus recovered a stasis locker with the certification intact. It’s registered to the salarian ark, meaning we get that fat juicy “first sighting” bonus as well as the salvage. Yes! Screw those snobs on Team 05, the Vagabonds finally hit the big time!

Pael’s thrilled, of course. Never seen the kid so excited. (And don’t think I could cope with it again. Young salarians are like caffeinated hamsters, even on a normal day.) He started sorting through the locker, talking about all the stuff in there and wondering who it belonged to and making up stories about it. Not really protocol, but I let him. Pael misses his clan; if dreaming helps, let him dream.

Signs of kett soldiers around. Better move on and keep hunting.


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