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The salarians are a Milky Way species. With a hyperactive metabolism and natural talent for research, salarians are the quickest thinkers in the galaxy. They are the second race to find the citadel and one of the founding races of the Council along with the asari. But unlike the asari, the salarians are among the shortest lived of the council species. The age of 30 is considered advanced, and a salarian older than 40 almost unheard of.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Salarians are noted for their high-speed metabolism, which allows them to function on just one hour of sleep a day. Their minds and bodies work faster than most sapient races, making them seem restless or hyperactive. The drawback of this active metabolism is a short life span of around 40 human years.

The salarians are amphibian haplo-diploid egg-layers; unfertilized eggs produce males and fertilized eggs produce females. Once a year, a salarian female will lay a clutch of dozens of eggs. Social rules prevent all but a fraction from being fertilized. As a result, 90% of the species is male.

History and culture[edit | edit source]

Hailing from the planet Sur'Kesh, salarians are the second race to discover the Citadel, a few decades after the asari, and together the two races founded the Citadel Council. Where the asari serve as diplomats and turians serve as soldiers, the salarians serve the Council as its intelligence officers. Salarians are noted for their keen abilities in research and espionage making them the perfect infiltrators and spymasters.

The salarians are responsible for the krogan's rise to galactic power as well as their downfall. Seeing the harsh conditions of the krogan's homeworld, the salarians gifted the primitive krogan with advanced technology and a new home world far more peaceful than the brutal Tuchanka. In return, the krogan were used as the frontline forces for the Rachni Wars, a century long conflict against the insectoid race, the rachni.

After the krogan won the war, their numbers exploded and they began to expand unchecked into occupied territories sparking the Krogan Rebellions. To curtail krogan population and put an end to the rebellion, the salarians developed a bioweapon called the Genophage and unleashed it on the krogan. The Genophage made the krogan effectively sterile and their numbers dwindled.

The rare salarian females are cloistered on their worlds out of tradition and respect. Powerful female Dalatrasses are dynasts and political kingpins. They determine the political course of their respective regions through shrewd negotiation. Though male salarians rise to positions of great authority in business, academia, or the military, they rarely have any input on politics.

Due to their method of reproduction, salarians have no concept of romantic love, sexual attraction, or the biological impulses and social rituals that complicate human lives. Male-female relationships are rare (due to the scarcity of females) and more akin to human friendship.

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