Romantic Entanglements

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Romantic Entanglements is a variable codex entry. This codex entry and the content only appears if Ryder chooses to have a Romance with someone who isn't on the Tempest. The first portion of the codex entry is always the same but the second portion depends up the romantic partner and the choices made with that partner.

Codex[edit | edit source]

You found opportunities for romance outside the Tempest and your job as the Pathfinder.

Avela Kjar[edit | edit source]

You had a bittersweet courtship with angaran museum curator Avela Kjar on Aya, but she put the relationship on hold before things could go too far.

Keri T'Vessa[edit | edit source]

You had a brief but memorable fling with asari documentary filmmaker Keri T'Vessa.

Reyes Vidal[edit | edit source]

After a disastrous fist "date", you're in an exclusive relationship with the notorious Charlatan and secret leader of Kadara Port, Reyes Vidal.