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Resources are used in crafting. There are three basic categories of items:

  • Minerals, metals and elements removed with an omnitool from any planet you can visit. The ND1 Nomad can also deploy mining drones to remotely gather minerals.
  • Tech materials, necessary to craft items that belong to a particular faction (Milky Way, Remnant, Kett, or Angara/Roekaar).
  • Bio materials, harvested from wildlife you hunt down.

Resource Requirements[edit | edit source]

Not all resources are used in the same amounts. Some resources are extensively used during crafting for a large number of items such as Omni-Gel Canister. Some resources are hardly used at all such as Aluminum. Some resources while expensive and rare might only be used for a small number of items such as Eiroch Fluid Sacs. Some resources are highly prized such as Remnant Core but may not be purchased. Trying to decide which resources are needed can be a difficult task.

There are a few points to take into account when dealing with resources:

  • Aluminum is used in so few items, and in such small amounts, that you should NEVER purchase it. You can get all of the aluminum you need from scanning a single anomaly that contains it using the Tempest.
  • Remnant Core can't be purchased but only can be found in special places. It also isn't returned to you when you deconstruct an item. Be careful what you craft with it.
  • Only a small amount of resources are really used for mission-related special items or Nomad upgrades. The remaining items are all personal preference choices dealing with weapons and armor. It is entirely possible to play without crafting or collecting resources.
  • As resources don't count against the inventory item limit, it doesn't hurt to collect them. Common but largely unused resources can be sold to offset the cost of hard-to-find items, such as Cobra RPGs.
  • Sale prices of resources are far lower than the purchase prices. Resources needed for one's chosen weapons and armor should be kept in inventory.

In the tables below, the total required amount for each resource listed is the amount of that resource to craft one copy of every Tier for all of the items listed. This gives a general guideline of how much a resource is used and how much you may need. If you craft additional copies then of course the requirement will be higher than the listed amount. Refer to each individual resource page for details on the specific items that can be crafted.

Icon Resource Type Rarity Crafted
Aluminum Icon.png Aluminum Mineral Common 4 25
Angaran Meditation Crystal Icon.png Angaran Meditation Crystal Tech material Common 9 3719
Beryllium Icon.png Beryllium Mineral Common 22 23945
Cadmium Icon.png Cadmium Mineral Uncommon 29 16480
Copper Icon.png Copper Mineral Common 19 25290
Element Zero Icon.png Element Zero Mineral Ultra Rare 40 5595
Erioch Fluid Sac Icon.png Eiroch Fluid Sac Bio material Rare 5 1058
Fluorite Icon.png Fluorite Mineral Uncommon 20 11425
Graphite Icon.png Graphite Mineral Common 8 8890
Iridium Icon.png Iridium Mineral Uncommon 13 4744
Iron Icon.png Iron Mineral Common 28 28130
Kett Alloy Icon.png Kett Alloy Tech material Common 16 6690
Lithium Icon.png Lithium Mineral Uncommon 20 13470
Magnesium Icon.png Magnesium Mineral Common 4 6900
Icon Resource Type Rarity Crafted
Nickel Icon.png Nickel Mineral Uncommon 22 13650
Omni-Gel Canister Icon.png Omni-Gel Canister Tech material Common 69 21490
Platinum Icon.png Platinum Mineral Rare 24 2175
Remnant Core Icon.png Remnant Core Bio material Ultra Rare 2 54
Remnant Polymer Icon.png Remnant Polymer Tech material Common 12 4870
Renderable Plates Icon.png Renderable Plates Bio material Common 4 471
Scale Fibers Icon.png Scale Fibers Bio material Common 9 2489
Shell Filaments Icon.png Shell Filaments Bio material Common 9 2188
Silicon Icon.png Silicon Mineral Common 9 9250
Soft Chitin Icon2.png Soft Chitin Bio material Common 4 424
Titanium Icon.png Titanium Mineral Rare 21 2115
Uranium Icon.png Uranium Mineral Uncommon 8 4360
Vanadium Icon.png Vanadium Mineral Rare 32 6320

Notes[edit | edit source]

During crafting of weapons:

  • All weapons require 2 Common resources, 1 Uncommon resource, and 1 Rare or Ultra Rare resource (except the Soned assault rifle).
  • The Soned uses 2 Common resources and 2 Rare resources.

During crafting of armor pieces:

  • All armor pieces require 2 Common resources, 1 Uncommon resource, and 1 Rare or Ultra Rare resource (except the Heleus Armor).
  • The Heleus Armor pieces use 4 Common resources and 1 Ultra Rare resource.

All Nomad upgrades require 1 Common resource, 1 Uncommon resource, and 1 Rare or Ultra Rare resource.

Resources can be recovered from equipment through deconstruction. (See Deconstruct)

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