Research Progress

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Research Progress
Research Progress
Location Havarl

Research Progress is one of the datapads located in a Roekaar camp in the Ancient Courtyard on Havarl. It is related to Overgrown.

Text[edit | edit source]

Translated from Shelesh:

Close to confirming Vaaren's theory. We found correlating mutations in both animal and plant life, indicating a singular mechanism tailored to variant cellular and genetic structures. Estimate an 82% chance the mutant strains ravaging Havarl can be replicated elsewhere, allowing us to introduce this toxic process to other planetary biomes.

If Vaaren is correct, we may even improve on the process, generating more destructive effects on reduced timelines. We could render any world poisonous to outsiders and drive them away for good. No more kett, no more "Initiative." Only our worlds and our people, as it should be.

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