Research Notes: Ana Carrell

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Research Notes: Ana Carrell
Research Notes: Ana Carrell
Location Eos

Research Notes: Ana Carrell is the name of three Datapads located on Eos. They are related to Task: The Ghost of Promise.

First Datapad[edit | edit source]

Research Notes Ana Carrell trailblazers.png

A group of us arrived from the Nexus as trailblazers on Eos. Most of my people already want to go back. But I'm determined, at the very least, to do some good for the Initiative. I've discovered these ruins—don't know what to make of them yet, but I'm going to continue researching them. Whoever constructed this could still be here in Heleus. And we need their help. This isn't what Jien Garson envisioned.

Second Datapad[edit | edit source]

Research Notes Ana Carrell first death.png

We had our first death yesterday. Morale is dropping. People are getting sick. Now more than ever I'm determined to find something of value in these technological ruins. I know there's vital data here, but I can't access it. Even with my decryption skills it locks me out. But I can't give up. The Nexus is counting on us to be the vanguard of the Initiative. I'm going to keep moving, and hope I find something of use.

Third Datapad[edit | edit source]

Research Notes Ana Carrell months.png

It's been months since I could breathe without my lungs stinging. But I can't stop now—I'm so close. After weeks of trying, I was able to finally complete a string of information extracted from these ruins. I think it may be a location marker, or a navpoint. I'm going to follow it. With any luck, I'll find something that can help us survive. I know the creators of these ruins left something behind. I can feel it.

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