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Remnant decryption puzzles involve completing strange Remnant glyph puzzles to activate a console, access hidden valuables, or a vault. They are encountered throughout the Heleus cluster. These puzzles are similar to sudoku puzzles and have a fixed solution.

Missing glyphs[edit | edit source]

Each Remnant puzzle contains a series of glyphs laid out in a grid-like pattern. If there are any ? symbols in the grid, it means one or more glyphs is missing. Players will need to find them before solving the puzzle.

Scan nearby surroundings for glyphs. Underground currents from the puzzle console often connect to the missing glyphs. Once they are all found, players can attempt the puzzle.

Solving puzzles[edit | edit source]

To decrypt a Remnant glyph puzzle, players must place glyphs into the blank spaces on the grid. To successfully solve it, these rules must be followed:

  1. The same glyph cannot appear more than once in the same row.
  2. The same glyph cannot appear more than once in the same column.
  3. The same glyph cannot appear more than once in the same outlined shape. Different puzzles may have different shapes.

Press the appropriate button once the puzzle is solved or to reset the puzzle back to its original state.

Be aware that entering an incorrect solution to the puzzle will immediately summon hostile Remnant forces! These forces will have to be defeated before another attempt can be made. Each incorrect attempt will summon additional Remnant forces.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Depending upon the specific puzzle being decrypted, different rewards are received but center on the following three concepts:

  • Game Progression - Some puzzles are required to continue the main story or optional side missions and will need to be completed.
  • Valuable Loot - A number of the puzzles are for locked containers or open access to areas that contain rare valuable items.
  • Skill Points - Four puzzles reward free bonus skill points.

Completing 20 puzzle solutions in a single playthrough will award the Cryptographer Achievement.

Decryption keys[edit | edit source]

Remnant Decryption Keys are rare special items that can bypass most glyph puzzles completely, though the key is destroyed in the process. Press appropriate button to use a decryption key.

Solutions[edit | edit source]

Solutions can be found in the remnant decryption puzzle solutions article.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The number of puzzles solved can be tracked on the Accomplishments tab in the statistics menu.

Achievements and trophies[edit | edit source]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned for solving puzzles:

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