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Disambig.png This article is about the Remnant devices. For terminal entry relating to Peebee, see Data Cores.
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Codex[edit | edit source]

The "box" that Peebee found in the vault on Eos appears to be a Remnant data storage device. Peebee calls it a "data core" and has dedicated her time to unlocking its secrets, as she is convinced that it may contain more information about the Remnant builders.

Close observation has revealed that the circuitry found within Peebee's "relic boxes" often matches up to the circuitry found deep in Observers and other Remnant creations. It is possible that they were used to deliver command routines to Remnant machines.

By combining everything learned from her collection of data cores, Peebee believes she can assist in creating a Remnant-like piece of tech.

Remnant Data Cores[edit | edit source]

There are eleven collectible cores throughout Heleus. The first is acquired automatically along with the related mission, Task: Remnant Data Cores.

Gallery[edit | edit source]