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Codex[edit | edit source]

Without need for crew considerations, the Remnant are capable of fielding vessels with theoretically massive carrying capacity. Their function is likely tied to the Remnant role of planetary maintenance or terraforming. The general standby state of the vaults may explain why the larger examples of these starships are so rare: there was no purpose in maintaining them.

The full capabilities of these vessels are unknown. The smaller have been observed to exceed Initiative or kett starships in speed and flight performance, unburdened by a biological pilot's reflexes or the need to avoid maneuvers that could endanger a living crew. The larger are likely subject to the same operational limits as capital ships or arks: they may have no crew to maintain, but they must accommodate their cargo.

From observation, the Scourge is aggressively attracted to Remnant, and is particularly damaging to their vessels. While Ark Hyperion survived a direct impact and disengaged, most Remnant vessels have been found derelict with significant Scourge damage.