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Location Eos

Recommendation is the name of two terminal entries found in kett facilities. One is located in the kett power facility in the The Sheartop on Eos, accessed during Defeating the Kett. The other is in the Kett Tactical Operations Center in the Kett Base on Voeld, accessed during Remove the Heart.

Kett Power Facility, Eos[edit | edit source]

Recommendation (Eos).png

Translated from Tonaizhet:

You have heard, I am sure, of the new creatures from beyond dark space. Will they be a threat to enlightenment? The highest one does not worry, but I see pain and war in the future. We must see these creatures for the pestilence they are.

I recommend a team of our most trusted to begin elimination.

Kett Tactical Operations Center, Voeld[edit | edit source]

Recommendation (Voeld).png

Translated from Tonaizhet:


One of the creatures slated for work attempted escape today. It freed over half the newly captured stock. A waste, but it has demonstrated initiative and skill. I recommend you take a look and consider it for higher purpose.

I trust your vision, of course. Your decision on the matter will be final.

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