Received Message: A New Alien

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Received Message: A New Alien
Received Message: A New Alien
Location Havarl

Received Message: A New Alien is one of the terminal entries located on a Roekaar Terminal in Old Pelaav on Havarl.

Text[edit | edit source]


You've heard of the new aliens? They show interest in the Remnant, just like the kett. The Remnant is very important to Havarl. To all angara. The alien must not be permitted to sabotage that technology. I need you to go to the monoliths. If the aliens seek the Remnant there, you and your men must stop them.

Hide in the old daar of Pelaav. The jungle has reclaimed it, but perhaps some structures might yet stand. The researchers that have taken over the landing zone will not find you. They are soft. They will not venture far from their station.


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