Re: Working together

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Re: Working together
Re: Working together
Location Eos

Re: Working together is one of the terminal entries from Hainly Abrams located in Prodromos on Eos if Ryder chooses to prioritize military interests over science during A Better Beginning.

Text[edit | edit source]

To: Tiran Kandros
From: Hainly Abrams

I appreciate you reaching out despite our differences. I still have concerns about conducting military research at our first civilian outpost, though. The fact that you'd—potentially—have classified prototype weaponry in the same location as families trying to raise crops doesn't seem to fit our mission.

I've prepared a proposal for additional safety measures in the labs and storage facilities. I'd also like my own staff to oversee any experiments done here. For anything else, I'm sure you and Bradley can negotiate. Even if I don't entirely trust this direction, I trust him, and you.

Hainly Abrams

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