Re: Victor Carsen

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RE: Victor Carsen
RE: Victor Carsen
Location Eos

RE: Victor Carsen is one of the terminal entries located in Prodromos on Eos.

Text[edit | edit source]

Mr. Josephs,

I find it troubling that you think I could be swayed from my duty by an offer of credits. I understand Victor Carsen is a friend of yours, but that's hardly an adequate reason to release him from cryostasis and send him to Prodromos. Beyond that, from what I hear, you two are a disaster waiting to happen. I know all about the "prank" you and Mr. Carsen pulled on Everett before the journey to Heleus.

Victor Carsen will be released from stasis when I see fit, and assigned to an outpost that best suits his skill set. And if I hear you've gone over my head and spoken to Addison about this, you'll have me to answer to.

-Administrator Brecka

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