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Task: Catch and Release Corpse

There are several random spawn missions in the game. These missions incorporate a random spawning feature of an item relevant to the mission. These randomly spawned items have to be found and collected before a navpoint to continue the mission will be activated. Items will only be found on the planet where the mission is acquired.

These can be very frustrating missions because the items to be found can spawn in any number of locations on a planet. If a location doesn't have a spawn item, there might be one the next time you go to that location. If a location has a spawn item, SAM (or a squadmate) will comment on the presence of the item and a map symbol will be added to the heads-up display (HUD) compass.

You will have to aimlessly wander amongst areas until you can collect all of the required items. A good tactic to potentially force an item to appear is to visit areas where enemies appear frequently. Locations where a drop ship that flies in and enemies drop out of the shuttle, a larger remnant site where bots appear, a kett camp with vehicles, etc. When the shuttle appears over a site (or enemies appear), the site is "reset" and the potential to find that random spawn item will happen again. You can travel between a few sites quickly and constantly get them to reset until you find the items you are looking for.

Random spawn missions share similarities with collection missions.

Heleus[edit | edit source]

Mission Item Type Map
Number of
Random Items
XP RD Andromeda Viability Points Icon.png AVP Viability
Task: Cache Flow Data Cache Investigate Map Icon.png 4 +270 +29 +2% Elaaden
Task: Catch and Release Body Investigate Map Icon.png 3 +530
Task: Clearing the Air Console Interact Map Icon.png 3 +530 +29 +2% Voeld
Task: Cold Hard Cache Cache Investigate Map Icon.png 3 +270 +29 +2% Kadara
Task: Data Trail Data Core Node Investigate Map Icon.png 4 +530
Task: Gone Dark Bug Investigate Map Icon.png 3 +270 +100
Task: Infection Corpse Investigate Map Icon.png 3 +270 +29 +2% Elaaden
Task: Kadara's Ransom Datapad Interact Map Icon.png 3 +270 +29 +2% Kadara
Task: Little Mouse Datapad Interact Map Icon.png 6 +270 +29 +2% Elaaden
Task: Subjugation Device Destroy Map Icon.png 5 +270
Task: The Ghost of Promise Datapad Interact Map Icon.png 5 +270
Task: Volatile Canister Destroy Map Icon.png 4 +530 +73 +5% Elaaden
Task: Watchers Device Destroy Map Icon.png 4 +270